Asbestos Testing By Post

G & L Consultancy Ltd offer asbestos testing by post for those who wish to take a sample themselves, rather than booking out one of our trained professional surveyors to take one for you. Sending asbestos samples by post can be a convenient and cost effective way of identifying the presence of asbestos in your household or workplace. These samples will be analysed in-house via our UKAS accredited laboratory, which enables us to deliver accurate results within 24 hours, if required.

We recommend that samples taken by non-asbestos trained individuals are limited to bonded materials such as: asbestos cement and bitumen products. Debris from fibrous materials may be sampled, as long as the debris is easily accessible, as this will limit the chance of the debris fibres becoming airborne.

If you are unsure whether the material you wish to sample is safe to do so, please do not hesitate to contact us. If it’s possible to send a photo of the material and location, that will help to determine the best course of action.

Asbestos Testing By Post

How to take a sample

You should wear, at a minimum, a disposable P3 respirator mask. These can be bought cheaply in most hardware stores or online. You will also require two sealable transparent bags per sample taken and one sealable bag for waste. Disposable gloves and coveralls would also be advantageous.

The material that you wish to sample should be gently wetted down prior and during taking the sample, using a fine water sprayer, as long as it’s safe to do so. If the material is weak and brittle, you should be able to gently snap some off. However, for softer materials you will need to cut a small amount with a safety knife. Aim to take a sample about the size of a 50 pence piece.

Keep your sample bag close when taking the sample, to allow you to place it in straight away. Seal the bag and place it into another sealable bag, to double bag the sample. Clean any tools and bags you have used with a wet wipe, and dispose of the used wet wipes, p3 mask, and any other items you have used, into a separate sealable bag and mark it as waste. The waste bag can either be sent to us to dispose of, as it’ll be classed as asbestos waste, or if you live near a recycling centre that has an asbestos disposal skip, you can dispose of it there.

On the outer sealable bag please write the date, location, and your name, in permanent marker. Avoid using a ball point pen, to reduce the chance of piercing the bag.

If you wish to find out more information or to place an enquiry, please visit our Bulk Sample Analysis page.

Please note: G & L Consultancy Ltd recommend using a courier to send presumed asbestos containing materials.