How Is Asbestos Destroyed?

Up until 1999, when the hazards of asbestos were nationally recognised, thousands of materials containing different forms of asbestos were manufactured, ranging from cement roofs and floor tiles, all the way to pipe insulation.

Due to the extent of its use, certain trades have a higher risk of being exposed to asbestos fibres if their work is associated with construction and renovation. Even though asbestos poses minimal risk to life when it’s in good condition and not disturbed, if it is disturbed, it will need to be dealt with accordingly by a professional entity. This article will hopefully help to explain how asbestos waste is dealt with and destroyed.

By law, all asbestos waste must be double-bagged on site, or if it’s too large to fit, must be securely wrapped up and taped securely. Wrapped or bagged waste must be stored in sealed and secure containers, even during transport.

how is asbestos destroyed

Transporting asbestos

Because of these requirements, the safest methods to transport waste to licensed landfills are the following:

Asbestos skips

After asbestos waste has been safely removed and double-bagged by a professional, it is then transported directly into a sealed and lockable skip, via the approved waste and transit route. This skip will then be transported straight to a licensed landfill site, where the contents will be dealt with.

Asbestos skips come in a range of different sizes, which will differ depending on the project scale. Using a skip will ensure that all waste is stored securely and safely, prior to its disposal.

Transfer stations

For jobs where the amount of asbestos waste will be small, like the removal of AIB boxing from a bathroom, hiring an asbestos removal professional which can utilise a licensed transfer station would likely be more suitable. For transport to the transfer station, the removal professional will use a specialist van, which will have a sealed compartment for the safe transportation of the waste. Upon arrival, the waste will get transferred from the van straight into the lockable skip at the licensed site.

How is asbestos destroyed?

In the UK, disposing asbestos waste into a licensed landfill is currently the only final destination that is legally allowed. However, there are a few methods that are being developed in other countries within the EU that have shown to be able to completely destroy the hazardous asbestos fibres, by using specific physical and chemical processes. These processes are showing to cause no negative effects on in the environment. Whether these practises will come to the UK remains to be seen, but burying waste in licensed locations is currently the only legal option.

It’s worth noting that it’s illegal to dispose of asbestos in an unsafe manner, as well as it being illegal to dispose of or bury asbestos waste in unlicensed locations.

If you require asbestos removal or transportation, please feel free to send an enquiry to G&L Consultancy Ltd’s very own asbestos removals team, who will be happy to discuss the whole process with you.