Renovation Is In But Is Your Home 100% Asbestos-Free?

More and more Brits are opting to renovate by extending their homes rather than move, and it is prudent to carry out asbestos inspections in an older property if there is a risk of previously-undisturbed insulation and ceiling materials being uncovered.

According to a survey published by Halifax, planning applications to extend properties have increased by 27 per cent across the UK between 2012 and 2016. In London alone, planning applications over this period shot up by 60 per cent.

Single storey extension applications are up by 49 per cent and loft conversions have soared by 43 per cent.

Indeed, going through the roof, or digging underground are increasingly popular choices for householders with little wiggle room for extending their property outwards.

Applications to build basements under homes has jumped by 183 per cent since 2012, with London boroughs representing the top 16 local authorities. Meanwhile, conservatories are less in demand, with applications for the once must-have home improvement investment slipping by three per cent.

“The way we live in our homes is evolving,” said Melanie Backe-Hansen, historian and author of House Histories. “Take the example of basements and the trend for extending downwards: this is probably down to a lack of space in our cities and towns, and it represents a big shift in the way we think about our homes.”

When considering punching through the loft or into the ground to extend a property, remember to talk to G&L Consultancy Ltd about an asbestos inspection for peace of mind and to ensure any dangerous material is disposed of safely and according to the proper regulations.