Asbestos Disposal Bags

Waste that contains more than 0.1% asbestos is deemed as hazardous waste and must be dealt with appropriately.

Waste that is contaminated with, or, contains asbestos, must be doubled bagged in UN-approved packaging and placed in a lockable skip or transportation unit. This includes all associated removal items such as: coveralls, disposable respirator components, overshoes and polythene.

asbestos disposable bags

UN-approved packaging will have a CDG hazard label visible, as well as the asbestos code information. The normal practice is to place the asbestos waste into a red bag which has asbestos warnings written on, and then double bag that with a clear outer bag which has the CDG label on.

UN standards are set by the international agreements for the carriage of dangerous goods, which require packaging of certain types to be certified by a competent national authority. The certification involves testing the packaging to ensure that it’s suitable for the carriage of specific goods, i.e asbestos waste. UN-approved packaging may be referred to as “UN certified” or “type-approved”, and will all be marked with the UN logo and appropriate code.

If the asbestos waste that you’re dealing with is large, you should not break it up. Instead, use 1000-gauge polythene and double wrap it, labelling appropriately.

It’s recommended that an experienced asbestos removal contractor is used to deal with asbestos waste, regardless of whether it’s a licensed or non-licensed material. However, for licensed materials a licensed removal contractor will legally need to be used regardless. When hiring an asbestos contractor, they will bring their own PPE, polythene and disposable asbestos bags, as they will be included in the quote.

Please note: You must not mix asbestos waste with other types of waste.

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