Asbestos Garage Roof Removal and Replacement

Asbestos garage roofs are common in the UK, due to their incredible waterproofing properties. For the most part, they are reasonably safe if left untouched. However, problems start to arise once they are damaged or when deterioration starts to occur as it gives the asbestos fibres a chance to become airborne.

> If you require your asbestos garage to be removed and replaced by professionals, please contact our asbestos removals team

Asbestos was widely used in the building industry in the UK up until 1999, when all asbestos usage was banned. Asbestos was a widely handled material due to its ability to withstand erosion, decay, heat and weathering.

The asbestos containing materials used in garage roofing are deemed as low risk, due to the asbestos content being approximately 10-15% of the whole material, and the fact that the fibres are securely in place, unless damaged. However, as previously stated, the problems start once damage occurs, whether that’s pre-existing damage or damage caused by renovation/removal of the roof.

Great care must be taken when replacing a garage roof, as you want to minimise the amount of damage you do to the asbestos roofing materials as much as possible. This will limit the chance of the asbestos fibres becoming airborne. It’s advised that you hire professionals to remove any asbestos product, even if it’s a non-licensed job, as it isn’t worth the risk.

The disposal of asbestos garage roof waste is as important as the method of replacing it. Asbestos cannot be buried or dumped, and must be transported safely and disposed of into a designated skip. Non-licensed asbestos waste can be placed into asbestos skips which are found in certain recycling centres, but licensed waste will need to be disposed of at a licensed asbestos contractors skip.

How can I tell if my garage roof is asbestos?

In most cases, it can be challenging to conclusively state from a visual inspection whether a material actually contains asbestos. Some materials might have identification marks which will mention whether or not there is asbestos in it, although these are not common.

The most commonly practised procedure will be to send a sample of the material to a specialist laboratory. Here at G&L Consultancy we can either schedule for someone to come to your property and take a sample, or if you understand the procedure and health risks, you can take one yourself and post the sample to our laboratory instead. In some circumstances, depending on what time the sample was received, you may receive your results within 24 hours.

Removal and replacement

If your sample has come back positive or you already know that your roof is asbestos, then please feel free to contact our removals team for a competitive quote. Our removal operatives are highly trained in the most current methods and utilise the correct protective equipment and tools.