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Can Asbestos Get On Your Clothes?

Asbestos can not only get on your clothes, but it can also get on your skin and in your hair. If the clothes you're wearing consist of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and you're heading to a decontamination unit for a shower, this is not much of a problem.


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How Dangerous is Asbestos In Talc?

Johnson and Johnson, The American multinational medical and pharmaceutical giant has been in and out of the news a lot recently. Often, for all the wrong reasons. Their talcum powder, it would appear, can contain asbestos. More damning, is the length of time they've supposedly known about this. But, in reality, how...

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Could Asbestos Be In Your Favourite Alcoholic Drink?

Asbestos seems to appear in the most unlikely of places, due to it being such a widely used, versatile and useful product (if the negative health effects of exposure are ignored!).

Most people would never imagine that asbestos was/is used in alcohol production. While its use has phased out in the Western world, countries...

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Asbestos Use Worldwide

More than 50 countries have have banned or restricted the use of asbestos since the 1970s, yet other countries still continue to export or import the dangerous mineral, in worryingly large quantities. The popularity of asbestos is unfortunately rising in developing countries, due to the buildings materials being in high demand.

However, just...

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