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Asbestos Use Worldwide

More than 50 countries have have banned or restricted the use of asbestos since the 1970s, yet other countries still continue to export or import the dangerous mineral, in worryingly large quantities. The popularity of asbestos is unfortunately rising in developing countries, due to the buildings materials being in high demand.

However, just...

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What Is Silica And Silicosis?

Adults breathe approximately 12-20 times a minute when resting, and it's estimated that we take between 17000 and 30000 breaths a day. For trades who work in environments where RCS (respirable crystalline silica) dust is present, every breath has the potential damage your lungs for the long-term by silicosis.

On the outskirts of Rochdale resides Spodden Valley. While picturesque, this place is home to what was one of the world's largest asbestos factory during its peak.

This now completely abandoned factory was founded in 1871, as Turner Brothers. Like most factories that ended up producing asbestos, the Turner Brothers factory was not...

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What Is Friable And Non-Friable Asbestos?

Asbestos was widely used in the construction trade due to its many useful properties; such as being cheap, strong, and heat-resistant. This made it a very useful and sought after product.

Unfortunately, if asbestos containing materials are damaged or disturbed, then the fibres can become airborne, resulting in breathing complications and diseases; thus the...

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