Can I Bury Asbestos In My Garden?

A lot of people don’t fully appreciate the health risks that asbestos exposure can cause, even if they are only dealing with the “safer” products that don’t require a licensed contractor. Because of this, it’s understandable why so many people ask the question, “can I bury asbestos in my garden?”.

This short answer to this, is no. Burying asbestos, whether it’s in a garden, farm, or public land, can be incredibly dangerous to not only yourself, but for other people who may disturb the soil at a later date. If asbestos is buried in your garden, the land will technically be classed as ‘contaminated’, and if identified by an asbestos surveyor (or if a neighbour reports you to the council), the land may end up being listed as contaminated on the land registry. This can result in your property being difficult to sell at a later date, unless it’s professionally removed and cleared.

can i bury asbestos in my garden

The demolition and removal of asbestos in the UK is heavily regulated, which means that the majority of work involving asbestos will legally require trained contractors to deal with it. There are many reports of members of the public, as well as trade professionals, who get caught disposing of asbestos incorrectly. In 2010 there was an incident near our office in Somerset, where tradesmen dumped assorted building waste, which included asbestos tiles, on a farm in Quantock Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Their fines totalled upwards of £3000, as well as them having to conduct unpaid work, and serve several months community order.

Rather than thinking, “can I bury asbestos in my garden?”, your thought process should be “how can I deal with this asbestos safely?”. Remember, dumping asbestos waste can be hazardous to yourself, as well as potentially others in the future, and if you are caught, you could end up with a hefty fine or prosecution. If you require asbestos to be removed from your home, you think you may have discovered some asbestos in your garden, or you want some asbestos soil related guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact our removals team.