How Long Does An Asbestos Awareness Certificate Last

If your line of work has the possibility of you disturbing asbestos, then you should be trained in asbestos awareness at the absolute minimum. However, after you’ve completed the course, how long does the asbestos awareness certificate last and how often should refresher training be conduced?

Asbestos awareness certificates have no expiry date. However, businesses are required to reevaluate the requirements of asbestos training annually.

On the other hand, refresher training for licensed and non-licensed asbestos removal is conducted annually as a legal requirement, so most businesses will opt to add asbestos awareness on top of that refresher training, thus refreshing it annually.

The HSE recommend that asbestos awareness refresher training is conducted as necessary, with the frequency dependant on the potential and risk of exposure to asbestos.

It’s important to remember that asbestos awareness training is intended only to help workers avoid disturbing asbestos containing materials.

Why is refresher training so crucial?

Asbestos awareness training is the first line of defence against people exposing themselves to ACMs, and is the most basic level of training available. It allows workers to identify areas in which asbestos may be present, as well as to understand the risks of exposure.

As most people know, asbestos is a hidden killer. Refresher training is needed because you are not expected to be able to remember everything from a course that was taken several months previous. It’s likely you’ll start to forget a lot of what you have learnt on the course, which will put your alertness to asbestos exposure to the back of your mind.

Therefore, regular, thorough refresher training is important.

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