BOHS P402: Surveying & Sampling Strategies For Asbestos In Buildings (Day Release) – Northern Ireland


BOHS P402 course is a requirement for any person needing to carry out asbestos surveys or reinspections.

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The BOHS P402 course is a requirement for all survey staff in UKAS accredited survey companies and is the recognised industry standard for all asbestos surveyors.

The course provides background and practical knowledge in the surveying of buildings for asbestos and to provide general guidance on management procedures necessary to minimise exposure to any identified asbestos.

A two-day course with a further day of written and practical examinations. A successful completion of the examinations and the subsequent survey reports will lead to a: ‘Proficiency Certificate’ in Building Surveys and Bulk Sampling for Asbestos. This course typically runs over 3 days including the examination date, but can be more flexible, such as extra revision dates, or run over three consecutive weeks.

Candidates for this course are expected to be aware of the contents of HSG 264 (Asbestos: The Survey Guide) and have a minimum of six months prior experience of carrying out asbestos surveys.

This course will require approximately 16 hours’ study time, of which at least 12 hours will be taught (teaching and practical). The additional study time will be required in the candidates’ own time.

£590.00 per person (4 day course) + vat (exclusive of £170 BOHS Exam Fee)

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