BOHS P404: Clearance Testing & the Requirements of a Certificate for Reoccupation – South West England


The industry requirement for an asbestos analyst.

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The BOHS P404 course gives you the skills and knowledge required to thoroughly and safely undertake all four stages of the clearance process. It also teaches you how to identify any outstanding asbestos risk on the site, and how to issue a certificate for reoccupation when you are satisfied the site is safe to re-occupy.  

Course Content

The course provides you with the theoretical knowledge and practical ability to undertake all four stages of the clearance test including that of the decontamination unit (DCU) and the issuing of a certificate for reoccupation and a DCU clearance certificate.

Course Requirements

Candidates for this course are expected to have awareness of the contents of HSG248 Asbestos: The Analysts’ Guide (2nd edition, July 2021), and in particular Chapter 6: Site clearance and certification. Prior experience of undertaking clearance testing including air sampling, fibre counting and issuing certificates for reoccupation is also required.

Furthermore, previous training is required which has covered the core competences outlined within the foundation materials detailed within Table A91 of HSG248 Asbestos: The Analysts’ Guide (2nd edition, July 2021). This can be achieved by in-house training or by completing the P400 foundation module.

Candidates must have also previously taken the BOHS module P403 – Air Sampling and Fibre Counting (PCM). (P403 and P404 courses with their examinations either running concurrently or as a combined course can be deemed as meeting this requirement).

The syllabus comprises of eight sections:

  • Role of the analyst
  • Stage one
  • Stage two
  • Stage three
  • Stage four
  • Certificates and reporting results
  • DCU clearance testing
  • Quality control

Who is the course for?

  • Anyone who undertakes clearance inspections and air monitoring of asbestos as part of their work (e.g. asbestos site analyst)
  • Anyone who issues clearance certificates following asbestos clearance procedures
  • Anyone who undertakes airborne fibre counting and requires an understanding of the external processes used in air sampling
  • Anyone who manages asbestos site analysts

How long is the course?

The course requires at least 11 hours of study time, of which at least 9 hours will be taught (teaching and practical assessments). The further 2 hours are to be completed as independent study in your own time. There are two written examinations which are 120 minutes each.


A successful completion of parts A, B and C within 12 months will mean you are presented with a Proficiency Certificate in Clearance Testing and Requirements of a Certificate for


£460.00 per person (2 day course) + vat (exclusive of £170 BOHS Exam Fee)

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Additional Information

Lunch and onsite parking are provided within the cost of this course

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All BOHS exams are now online, so a laptop is required. If you do not have your own, please contact us in advance so that we can provide one for you.

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