BOHS P405: Management Of Asbestos In Buildings – South West England


This course is for delegated persons, who are charged with the management of asbestos in premises, or part of the management team.

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People that own or manage non-domestic premises have a legal duty under CAR 2012, Regulation 4 to manage identified or presumed asbestos within their premises, and to protect those working within them from exposure to asbestos. The Management of Asbestos in Buildings is the industry-standard qualification for those whose work involves asbestos management, such as duty holders, building managers, responsible persons, and those who look after asbestos management data. It provides the background knowledge required to manage identified asbestos in buildings and ensures that appropriate management processes are followed and documented properly. It also gives you the knowledge to make better procurement decisions, and to monitor the quality of the services provided by other asbestos professionals through understanding the standards and procedures that you should be following.

It is a qualification suitable for duty holder and anyone else who has asbestos management responsibilities within the building or organisation. We run our course over two weeks with two days per week followed by the examination, spreading the workload allowing the delegate time to revise, this has increased the pass percentage significantly. This course is considered the “Gold Standard” in the Management of asbestos.

£700.00 per person (5 day course) + vat (exclusive of £160 BOHS Exam Fee)

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