BOHS RP402: Surveying & Sampling Strategies For Asbestos In Buildings – Refresher – Virtual


This course is for an existing asbestos surveyor, who is required to carry out refresher training.

Please contact us to arrange training for your team, or for available virtual course dates.

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The BOHS RP402 Refresher has been specifically designed to meet your needs by refreshing your learning of topics that you find most challenging.

Course Content

The course will bring you up-to-date with any changes made in asbestos surveying legislation over the last 12 months, and refresh your learning of the best asbestos surveying working practice.

Course Requirements

It is recommended that you have completed the BOHS P402 module (or hold a similar asbestos surveying qualification) before taking this refresher course. It is expected that you are a practising asbestos surveyor, or have recent experience of surveying buildings for asbestos (within the last three years).

The syllabus comprises of seven sections:

  • Needs analysis
  • Legislative requirements
  • Survey planning and risk assessment
  • Preparing and conducting surveys
  • Post-survey evaluation
  • Optional topics (health effects of asbestos and uses of asbestos in buildings)
  • Conclusion/assessment

Who is the course for?

  • Anyone who surveys buildings for asbestos as part of their work
  • Anyone who manages asbestos surveys and surveying teams

How long is the course?

The RP402 typically runs over one day, and requires at least 6 hours of teaching. No examination is required.


You will receive a BOHS-branded certificate as evidence of completing this refresher training.


£175.00 per person (1 day course) + vat (plus £40 for your certificate)

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