Licensed Asbestos Operative Refresher Training – South West England


This course is for an existing licensed asbestos operative, undertaking the industry standard annual refresher course.

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This level of training is for any persons carrying out licensable work with asbestos containing materials, as laid down in CAR 2012. This would normally include, but is not limited to, licensed asbestos removal contractors and ancillary trades such as scaffolders who undertake licensed asbestos ancillary work, companies maintaining negative pressure units and class “H” vacuums and those required to enter into enclosures to carry out other ancillary work.

A day’s training means at least 6 learning hours, not including breaks. Licensable training is separated into the following categories and the expected duration of training is outlined below:

  • New Operative: Three days or a minimum of 18 learning hours (inclusive of practical sessions – approximately one day).
  • New Supervisor: Three days or a minimum of 18 learning hours (inclusive of one day or a minimum of 6 learning hours of practical sessions).
  • New Managers/Director: Two days or a minimum of 12 learning hours.
  • Scaffolders: One day
  • Scaffolding Supervisors: One day
  • Managers/Directors of Scaffolding Companies: One day.
  • Refresher training for all roles: 1 day or a minimum of 6 learning hours (with the exception of Scaffolders and Scaffolding Supervisors where the expected duration of this training will be ½ day or a minimum of 3 learning hours).

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26-07-2021, 05-01-2022

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