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G&L Consultancy Ltd offers practicable and achievable health and safety solutions to suit virtually any organisation. We specialise in supporting small to medium sized companies and organisations, that do not directly employ a health and safety manager, comply with their duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

We take pride in our ability to find the perfect solution to every client’s health and safety needs. All services are tailored to the specific needs of the client, based on the type of organisation they run and the area of work they specialise in.

It often comes as a surprise to business owners just how many responsibilities they have under health and safety legislation. In fact, employers have a duty of care for all of the following:

  • Their own employees, wherever they might be working; including working from home and when they’re on site.
  • Visitors to their premises, including customers, sub-contractors and members of the public.
  • Any person entering a work area they control, such as a construction site.
  • Anyone affected by products and services they design, produce or supply

Because there are so many duties and responsibilities for employers and premises owners to comply with, legislation requires that a policy be drawn up to keep them under control. As such, every organisation must have a health and safety policy and if they employ five or more people, this policy must be in writing. A health and safety policy does not have to be incomprehensible, nor does it have to be expensive, and at G&L, we have worked hard to develop a policy that is both understandable and useful, whilst remaining very competitive.

  • Company Health and Safety Policies
  • Health & Safety Policy Review
  • Health & Safety Performance Review
  • Health & Safety Inspections
  • Risk Assessments & Action Plans
  • COSHH Assessments
  • DSE Assessments
  • Retained Consultancy

The basis of every health and safety policy is a thorough assessment of the risks posed by the hazards experienced by a business. The number and types of risks and hazards experienced vary from business to business, as do the number of regulations that a business must comply with. As a result of this potential for variation, assessing the risk of a business is often seen as a daunting task; it doesn’t have to be. By using our knowledge of the regulations and our experience with risk assessments, G&L’s highly trained staff can complete a thorough assessment of the risks to a business in a fraction of the time and cost it might otherwise take.

Once the risks are identified, they must be dealt with. Thankfully, there is no requirement for a company to completely eliminate each and every possible risk but as an employer, you are required to identify, control, manage and review them. G&L has developed a series of procedures and processes that can be easily introduced into the management structure of an organisation that will enable the effective control and management of risk. In addition to this is a set of processes for the audit and review of the control and management of the risk, thus ensuring an organisation complies with all of its duties under health and safety legislation.

G&L Consultancy Ltd will meet whatever level of assistance you require: from writing a health and safety policy and implementing a full management system, through to; acting as your retained health and safety consultancy.